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Bayfield Farm is located in Hubert, North Carolina.

Iíd like to make a few opening comments about who I am and what I would like to share with you about Aussies.

I grew up on a small, family farm in western North Carolina. We kept milk cows, a few head of sheep and goats, and pastured sows from which we raised a couple of litters a year. My father kept Aussies and Aussie mixed dogs to help with the stock, but they did much more than that. They would hunt squirrel, play with the children, run with the coonhounds at night, and keep watch over the farm and the children. They seemed to know what we were going to do next and were ready to help.

I believe that the best breeding programs are those that hold to the belief that form follows function. That is, the way a dog is designed should be based on what its job in life will be. I also believe that all dogs should have a job or work of some kind.

As for Aussies, I believe they should be bred to herd and tend livestock. Yes, there are other roles in life for Aussies. I feel that the conformation and characteristics that make them great shepherds also help them to excel in Agility, Frisbee, Obedience, as well as Tracking and Search and Rescue work. I think that a well bred Aussie can take on any task with the help of a loving trainer and friend.

I have researched and worked with a number of bloodlines over the past sixteen years and have chosen to focus my breeding efforts on the lines of Twin Oaks, Silverledge, Slash V, Powder River, Kel-Mar, Las Rocosa, and now Hanging Tree and Pincie Creek. I have found that the dogs I like best are closely tied to Taylorís Whiskey and Woods Jay, both of whom go back to Jay Sizzlerís dogs.

My goal is simply to maintain dogs of this type for ourselves and for those who come to know, love, and understand the Aussie for what they are. I hope you enjoy your visit and if I can be of any help to you, please let me know.

Bill Wyatt

Our New Working Trail Champions ~ June 2011

WTCH Wyatt Then There Was Jake

WTCH Wyatt of Rabbit Cross Farm

October 2011

Kasha completed her Open trial dog in cattle, sheep & ducks

Jay jay completed his advanced trial dog in both cattle & sheep and earned one leg toward his ATD on ducks 


Two litters

Spring 2012

Jake & Scarlet
Feb 20 2012

Jake & Emma
Mar 5 2012


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